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PISA (Program for International Student Assessment)

Recently I have read about how mediocre the US has performed in the PISA tests. The sources range from the WSJ, CNBC, Washington Post, or LA Times just to name a few. They focus on how stagnated US student performance is, compared with those of other countries. It bothers me because as much as I believe in test scores, they are not showing all the factors that are influencing the results. For starters they include places like Shanghai or Macau which are just cities not entire countries. Hence inflating the results of Chinese students. I also believe that not just GDP per capita influences the results. Some articles say they are corrected for population or immigrants. Without specifying what population or assuming immigrants are in school but ignore their presence. I think the median age and fertility rate have a great effect in the scores. I have created these interactive graphs for you to keep in mind. Maybe they will help identify better ways of assessing and comparing students around the world. The data was obtained from, and Wikipedia.

pisa scores wsj

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