Secondment at University of Tromsø

This is a visualization generated from the top 2 dominant colors from pictures taken while at UiT

main colors extracted from photos

The photos where taken at different locations near or in the city of Tromsø, the city of Bødo and during a cruise between both cities. This was while doing a secondment at UiT/The Arctic University of Norway and taking a course at Nord University. The cruise was part of a course in Marine Sustainability, and it was done on the Hurtigruten.

This seconment is part of the project SAF 21. It looks into Social Aspects of Fisheries in the 21st century.

This visualization was created with the top 2 dominant colors from the pictures taken. This was done using Grade.js. This library allows you to extract the main colors of each photo. If you want to see the interactive version of this page ckick here!