Counties with Most Breweries per Resident and Locations

This interactive map shows the most breweries per resident in each county. For number of breweries and breweries per resident hover over a county. County values will be in gray. For name, type, location, and brewery website, hover over a blue dot. Location information is brown. Zoom out to see Alaska and Hawaii. Zoom in to see small counties and locations in detail.
Brewery Locations
Breweries per 100,000 residents


The idea for this map came from looking at a European map of Top Beer Drinkers. I wanted to find something similar for the US, but I was more interested in Breweries. My personal experience in Breweries is limited to one Brewery, Abbita Brewing Company, in Louisiana. O.K. Never mind I can consider myself knowledgeable in the matter. I spent half a day at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin. Nevertheless, more and more Americans want craft beer and more and more Breweries are created in the US. The interest is so high, that close to my small town, another craft brewery is being built. A place I considered suburbs.

I played with the data a bit. I expected overall breweries by numbers would show up massively in the East and West Coast. Mayor cities would probably be overwhelmed with them. I mapped the breweries from Open Brewery DB, and my expectations were correct. Cities were overwhelmed with Breweries. But the truth is they are almost everywhere. I realized what mattered was not just their locations, but how many breweries per capita were present in each county. Some tourist areas have several breweries, but Colorado definitely has something going on. Count me in for a trip filled with brewery visiting, and beer tasting!


To create this map I obtained the Population Data in 2017 from US Census Bureau. As mentioned before the brewery information came from Open Brewery DB. To convert some addresses to coordinates I used the Google Sheets Add-ons Geocode by Awesome Tables. To find the county of each location I used the zipcode-county data set from Kaggle. The Shapefiles for this map were downloaded from Natural Earth.

Made by Luz K. Molina with D3.js.

map of breweries per capita and locations in the USA