Most Searched Recipe during Quarantine

This map shows the most searched recipe in Google, during the quarantine. The data is grouped by State. Hover over the map to see the food and type.
Chicken Cultural Drink Beef Dessert Side Fish Pork Breakfast Food

Resources and Inspiration

For the last 4 weeks I have found myself trying to come up with 2 or 3 new recipes every day. One for lunch, one for dinner, and maybe even one Breakfast. Apparently I am not the only one. More and more Americans have found their lives changed due to the quarantine and social distancing. That is why I found this article Chicken Recipes, Bread Recipes Among Most Popular Coronavirus Cooking Searches Across America so interesting. It shows the most searched recipes by State during the last 90 days. I definately felt related and identified myself with the results. I find myself cooking foods that I was more likely to buy, looking for ways to save money, or trying new ways to save scraps. Even more fascinating is that I have searched for many of the recipes mentioned.

I found quite interesting the amount of Burger searches and the types of food Googled by each state. You might not agree with the classification, but mixing Types of food or Main Ingredients made it easier to group. The "Cultural" type is best described as "Other", as it includes foods I could not include anywhere else, and most have an international flair. I was not sure where to include Bread, as it is a major part of Breakfast, but used so much as a side dish, I included it as a Side. Any way, I hope you enjoy the map as much as I enjoyed reading the article.

The data source is from the articleChicken Recipes, Bread Recipes Among Most Popular Coronavirus Cooking Searches Across America.The Shapefiles were obtained from Natural Earth. The color palette is from Girly Business Cards. The code was obtained and altered from Let's make a bubble map.

Made by Luz K. Molinawith D3.js.

map of the most searched recipe per State during the quarantine