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Hello! My name is Luz K. Molina and I am a Marine Scientist interested in interactive data visualization. I am originally from Colombia. I did my Masters on Phytoplankton Abundance and Composition at USM. Due to my background, I have sampled, tested and analyzed data. Now I enjoy finding hidden patterns in data and displaying them. I pursued my PhD in Visualization at Manchester Metropolitan University. If you would like to look at my research click here!

These and other visualizations have been done with R, css, html, and d3.js.

I was born in Bogota, but raised in Cartagena de Indias. I always enjoyed living by the Caribbean Sea. This eventually turned into my desire to study Biology and focus in Limnology. I was very interested in how environmental factors affect life in aquatic ecosystems. I definately enjoyed taking samples on the field, and analyzing water samples in the lab. I was fortunate to do sampling in the Amazon River and the Orinoco River. These experiences opened the doors for me to continue my studies and pursue a Masters degree.

I was awarded an assistantship to study Marine Science at the University of Southern Mississippi. It was an amazing experience where I had the chance to sample the Gulf of Mexico on research cruises. My enthusiasm for research did not stop there. I realized that besides field work and lab work, I enjoyed analyzing data. I also found that crating graphs was an excelent way of understanding the measurements, but to show them to the public.

I decided that that was the next step in my career. I applied for a PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University to work in Fisheries Visualizations. Currently I am creating visaalizations of topics I am interested in and freelancing on visualization.