Recreational Vehicle Park Map

This interactive map shows the Locations, Names, and Telephones of Recreational Vehicle Campgrounds around the United States. For more detail zoom in or hover over the map. For more information, scroll down.

Where can you Camp with your RV?

You bought an RV or decided to rent one before jumping in and buying one. Now what? Where do you go? The possibilities are endless. This map shows you the locations of RV parks around the US.

RV parks are campgrounds catering to those traveling in trailers, motorhomes, caravans and other campers. Travelers can spend the night, the week, the month, or the season. But where are this campgrounds? Below is a list of possible locations where you can have different expectations and amenities, depending on the site. Some are Public and some are Private.

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National Park Service RV Campgrounds

RV Cammpgrounds under trees

National Parks are the best locations you can visit. They have extraordinary geographic features while you surround yourself in nature. There is almost no limit to the RV camping opportunities. National parks have over 130 locations to choose from! Nevertheless finding developed locations is a different situation. Camping National Parks.

The best locations are inside national parks, but sometimes national parks do not have full-hookups. In fact, only 13 parks have at least partial hookups!

There is also a lot of competition for one camping site. It might take up to 6 months or more to find a spot in the calendar. Each park has a different reservation channel, and procedure. So you have to navigate through that too.

The alternative is to go to a private RV park. They are not inside the parks, but they will provide the hookups you need and you still have a quick access to the parks. Read below for more information on private RV parks. Source: National Parks Traveler.

The good news is that in National Parks, the price ranges from $25 to $60 a night.

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State Parks RV Campgrounds

If you have decided you want to visit a state park to camp in your RV, it is important to weigh in the pros and cons. State parks have some of the best natural areas. They are also not expensive, plus the extra activities like hiking, swimming, horseback riding, and even stargazing!

Some drawbacks include, locations that may be far from stores and other amenities found in towns. Some may not have water or sewer hook-ups. They might not have Wi-Fi or any signal. Finally, they may restrict visits to two times a week.

From there, many details depend on each state. The best option is to navigate to the state website, and check what you can expect.

Bureau of Land Management RV Campgrounds

Recreational Vehicle

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has land designated for public use. It is possible to camp with a Recreational Vehicle in one of the many locations of the Bureau of Land Management.

BLM sites are usually large swaths of land located mainly in Alaska, the Pacific Coast, the Rocky Mountains, and the Southwest Region of the US.

The BLM has many dedicated facilities for RV camping, but they are also recognized as ideal sites for "Dispersed Camping" or Boondocking (Read below). Source BLM

If you are boondocking on public land, your stay can’t exceed 14 days in a 28 day period of time. This means you have to move every 14 days.

In any case, these campgrounds are first come first serve, but it is also possible to make reservations in some locations at

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United States Forest Service RV Campgrounds

The United States Forest and Grasslands has over are 193 million acres of vast scenic beauty, waiting to be discovered. As in other public lands each site has its own information service.

RV camps are usually located in beautiful areas, but the roads may be gravel and not all campsites are accessible by RVs. Source:

Camping sites cost from $5 to $30 a night. Most of the Campgrounds are first come first serve, but for the most popular ones you can also make reservations at

Army Corps of Engineers RV Campgrounds

RV campgrounds

The Army Corps of Engineers is the steward of over 4,300 recreation areas and over 450 lakes. Source: They manage land along lakes and rivers, as part of the mission to operate dams. This land is protected from private development. So the Corps of Engineers (COE) makes it possible for visitors to use it for recreation.

The COE are the number one provider of outdoor recreation. If you fish, boat or enjoy camping near water, COE RV campgrounds are perfect for you! Source:

The camp sites range from $12 to $50. The best way to find the sites is through Corps Lakes Getaway, but to make reservations go to

Remember Public Lands are natural areas that belongs to us. Please remember to care for them and “leave no trace”.


Boondocking also known as "Dry camping" or Dispersed camping" is camping outside developed campgrounds, usually in remote areas. It is camping off-the-grid, away from services and amenities, common in developed campgrounds. So there is no water, electricity, bathrooms, or sewer hookups.

RV parked

These spots are usually more wild and secluded. The beauty of boondocking is the quiet surroundings without others distracting you from the peace of nature.

The Bureau of Land Management, the National Forest Service, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife are examples of Public land that allow off-the-grid camping.

Many Boondocking spots are free, as they are not providing an actual service with the exception of access to land.

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Military RV Campgrounds

Military Campgrounds are available to active duty service members and family. They are also available to Veterans who meet certain requirements.

As in the campgrounds mentioned before, the amenities offered depend on the campground and it is important to find out more before traveling.

For more information on military campgrounds check Military Benefits.


These campgrounds are run by individuals as businesses. There are several advantages to private camping. They might not be in pristine natural areas but they might be where the action is, close to bars and restaurants in cities and towns.

Another advantage of private RV campgrounds are the assurance of hookups plus other amenities and no time limit, as long as you can pay.

Private campgrounds offer all sorts of advantages. Some here in Florida might even grant you access to nearby hotel swimming pools!

RV clubs offer discounted rates as well as opportunities to meet people and make friends.

Resources to Make RV Camping Map

The shapefiles to create this map where downloaded from Homeland Infrastructure Foundation-Level Data (HIFLD). This file had locations for Mobile homes, residential trailer, and Recreational Vehicle parks in the US. For this map only RV parks where included.

The files for states where downloaded from Natural Earth.

Inspiration for RV Campsites Map

Recently I wanted to go camping with my children to one of Florida's State Parks. I found there were no camping locations. In fact most of the parks in the Emerald Coast where reserved for the next 9 months.

I talked to one of the rangers and she told me that the only way to reserve was online, and since COVID social distancing started, there was an flood of visitors. She said people where traveling and working from anywhere, including their RVs while traveling around natural parks.

I had to look for further campgrounds, as my desired location was booked. This is when I realized the best way to find one, was creating a map of RV parks.

This map will be updated with new data! To receive updates on this and more nature maps join my email list!!!!!!!

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Map of RV campgrounds around the US