Map of GDP and Per Capita GDP in the U.S.

This is an interactive map of the U.S. County Population Density and County Population in the U.S. counties. Yellow shades represent lower population density (persons/sq mi). Dark blue represents higher population density. If you click on the top button you can switch to Population. Yellow represents lower populations in each county. Purple represents higher inhabitants. The cities are depicted for context. Hover over the map to see the county, state, population density and population. Zoom in for more details. Scroll down for more information.

Population Density (Persons/sq mi)
Population (Persons)

U.S. Population Density

The United States population is of 333,287,557 persons. It includes the non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii. It also includes the U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico and American Samoa.

The U.S. population is an estimate from 2022 obtained from USDA.

Population density is calculated by dividing the number of people by the area of each county.

The population density of the United States is 96 people per sq mi.

It is clear from the map that the most densely populated counties are metropolitan counties. These counties are mainly in coastal areas and lake regions.

Breaking the trend of coastal regions, you can see cities in Colorado, Texas, and even Oklahoma.

One of the interesting things about this map is that not only well known cities are darker, but other areas are dark as well.

For example the east corner of Texas is highly populated. This is El Paso Texas.

As you look through the map you can discover more and more cities you probably have heard of but were not aware they were so densely populated.

Counties with the Highest Population Density

Most of these counties are in or surrounding New York city.

CountyPopulation Density (persons/sq mi)
New York County, NY70,455
Kings County, NY37,343
Bronx County, NY32,817
Queens County, NY20,942
San Francisco County, CA17,251
Hudson County, NJ15,228
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Counties with the Lowest Population Density

The lowest population density counties are mainly in Alaska.

CountyPopulation Density (persons/sq mi)
Yukon-Koyukuk, AK0
Lake and Peninsula, AK0
Yakutat, AK0
North Slope, AK0
Denali, AK0
Northwest Arctic, AK0
Esmeralda, AK0

U.S. Population

Population density is affected by the size of the county. When you look at just population you find that they are not on the east coast but throughout the U.S.

As the map shows in yellow the least populated counties are in the Midwest.

Most Populated U.S. Counties

Los Angeles, CA70,455
Cook, IL37,343
Harris, TX32,817
Maricopa, AZ20,942
San Diego County, CA17,251
Miami-Dade, FL15,228

Least Populated U.S. Counties

Loving, TX51
Kalawao, HI82
King, TX233
Kenedy, TX358
McPherson, NE372
Arthur, NE433
Blaine, NE453

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Resources for United States Map

The Shapefiles for the states were downloaded from Natural Earth.

The county shapefiles and the population data were downloaded from the US Census Bureau.

The U.S. population data was obtained from USDA.

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