Hill, Butte and Bluff: Where are they commonly found?

This is an interactive map of summits from the contiguous United States. It shows the locations of geographical features named Hill, Summit, Butte, Mesa, Cliff, Bluff, Mountain, Mound, and Loma. For names and types hover over the map.
Hill Summit Butte Mesa Cliff Bluff Mountain Mound Loma
map of hills and summits of USA


This map is a followup to Wetlands of the US. The data provided the names of different features of the US. I then created Lakes and Ponds of the US. Nevertheless, the data also provided physical features like summits. This map includes features that are not only classified as summits such as cliffs. The names included were those classified as synonyms of summit. For a more detailed map of US elevation got to US Elevation Contour.

Made by Luz K. Molina with D3.js.


The data was downloaded from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), maintained by USGS. Data cleaning was done with R Project for Statistical Computing. At first I used only the data classified as summits, but then added other features like cliffs. The Shapefiles for political borders in this map were downloaded from Natural Earth. The elevation shapefiles were downloaded from USGS Science Base Science Catalogue.The code was obtained and altered from Chris Williams’s Block.

map hills and summits of USA